Mr. T.W. Langejan, LLM

Member of the Board of Supervisory Directors

Theo Langejan (15 June 1957) studied law (graduated in 1981) at the University of Leiden and business studies (graduated in 1982) at Delft Technical University. He is a member of the GasTerra Supervisory Board.

In 1983 he took up employment at the Ministry of Finance. Since then his roles have included various positions at the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Welfare, Health and Culture and the Ministry of the Interior. From 2010 to 2014 Mr Langejan was chairman of the Board of Management of the Dutch Healthcare Authority. Since 2015 Mr. Langejaan has been executive adviser to Twynstra Gudde, and since 2017 he has also been a special administration advisor to the Pension Federation.

Ancillary roles

  • Member of the Pension Administration and Management Advisory Board